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Ship, a shipshape shapefile file navigator.

That is, Ship-Shape-File-Navigator is a standalone FLOSS navigational file manager focused to ease the management of Shapefile files, a de-facto standard format to handle GIS data.

Ship allows you navigate through directories and see shapefile's main characteristics, tabular data, and a preview of their geometries.

With Ship you'll be able to do common file operations like copy, move, rename and delete to the shapefiles as a whole (and soon also apply batch geoprocessing to them).

Although not adaptated to nor tested, it's intended that Ship will be multiplatform, running in Linux, Windows and Mac.

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License and code

Ship-Shape-File-Navigator is libre software released under the GNU GPL license.

It's coded in Python, using Tkinter as GUI. To handle shapefiles, Ship relies in the GIS open library pyshp.

At the moment, Ship Shapefile Navigator is still in an alpha stage of development (version 0.1 Alpha).